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Professional of processed stainless

Precision Pipes

( SUS 304 , SUS 316 , SUS361L )
From a small thing to a big thing, we correspond to a use. Basically, stainless steel pipes are dealt with order-received production. However, outer diameter is ¢0.5~¢0.3 , little urgent correspondence may be able to be performed with internal stock. Brass, copper, aluminum, etc. respond to consultation.

Irregular-shaped Pipes

It is possible to product Square, Hexagon, Semicircle, and Oval types.

Processed Pipes

Cutting : We supply by the length of an order.
Processed Bend : We processed divers bending.
Making a hole : We select proper processing method by precisionor quantity.
Welding : We use Argon, Plasma, and Braze welding.

All kinds of Pipes for Sensor Protection

( SUS 304 , SUS 316 , Copper )
Closed tip of Stainless pipes ( Roundness tip and Sharp tip ) Pipes for Sensor Protection by squeeze press.

Our company made a start to sell stainless-steel pipe materials and processed pipe products. To the present, we have been advanced steadily thanks to those people who helped us. We would like to express our gratitude to business acquaintances and other people.
Including other related companies, we will make every effort to produce highest quality and newest products at just the right time using technical innovation. We hope you will continue to guide us in the future.

Processed Pipes
We give you suggestion from the actual work side.
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